Adobe Photoshop CS (sometimes called CS1 or 8.0) vs. Adobe Photoshop CC

Patricia wrote: I am a long time Adobe Photoshop user, have been using a very, very, VERY old version—it works great but I know the time is coming…

dobe Photoshop PS C… (zwyczajowa nazwa programu)

…I downloaded a trial version of the latest and for the life of me cannot find any major difference. Other than 3D—if someone can KINDLY point out, what is better by far, I would appreciate it. I am a digital artist, and maybe that is, why it dosen’t change much for me. But otherwise—HELP!!!


I use from time to time the same version as you, , so only one most important difference between version, clou for daily use, is this:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6/ CC is hardly faster than  Adobe Photoshop CS1.
    During work with big files you have to count the differences in minutes!


New version of Adobe Photoshop (exactly Adobe Photoshop CC, because of Adobe rules, we do not have any other alternative this days):

That are key differences between Adobe Photoshop CC and your software for daily use.
But Adobe Photoshop CS1 is still a gambler! Especially on old machines, on which new operating system or new Adobe Photoshop CC will never start, on virtual machines etc.


@ Marek—1000 undo’s whoa!
Are you also saying that if I signup for the membership it will make it impossible for me to use my older version?

Dear Patricia, I am so sorry for not clear explication. Give me a chance to clear that more:

  1. Of course not! Your legal Adobe CS1 is still yours as long you don’t breake the license. But Adobe switched off activation servers for old software.
    So, if your Adobe CS1 will be not working with activation, you are eligible to use special Adobe CS2 with switched off activation. But remember, please, you must have valid license still. It is not give-away.
    More on Creamteam Branding & Advertising Design Studio blog, but only in Polish, sorry (links are in English).
  2. Only one program from Adobe CC, as I know, removes previous version of itself. It’s Adobe Acrobat. All Photoshop version are working together fine.
  3. YEP, 1000 Undo is fine! But please remember, sometimes for change app you need to change so much expensive hardware. Especially for that Undo you need:
  • much bigger hard disk than usual (e.g. 2GB photo needs sometimes 50 GB of HDD for scratch file),
  • more RAM,
  • for more RAM (more than 3GB) you need x64 operating system,
  • for that system you need new hardware, so care about i7 CPU is the best option.


I hope we help you to choose, which one version of Adobe Photoshop is better for you, because we, Creamteam Branding & Advertising Design Studio, are here for help, so, in any design, branding or advertising case try to, please:

Thank you.

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