BachoTeX 2014

The 22nd yearly GUST BachoTeX conference in 2014 will be held from April 30th (Wednesday) until May 4th (Sunday) 2014, at the usual place of Bachotek near Brodnica, in the north-east of Poland (cf. Google and OpenStreetMap maps).

Creamteam Branding & Advertising Design Studio will be proudly represent on BachoTeX 2014 by our lovely art director Irene Czusz.
We are so happy because of that!
Irene’s Workshop “I, Letter”—a Workshop of Unfettered Creativity (especially developed for international BachoTeX 2014 Conference) will be started on Thursday, May 1st, 9:00:

Irena Czusz, Kraków, Poland“I, Letter”—a Workshop of Unfe

We hope, you all will be there!
Especially for our lovely & smart Irene Czusz, but not only—because BachoTeX is full of international stars in typography as usual! Andrzej Tomaszewski (Andrzej Tomaszewski, Centralny Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Przemysłu Poligraficznego, Warszawa, Poland: Cuneiform script—A Civilization Phenomenon; Absolutely Non-Computer & Completely Not Programmable New Book Forms), Barbara Wilińska, Marek Ryćko, Łukasz Dziedzic, Adam Twardoch (FontLab) plus some famous names from abroad also: Luigi Scarso (Padova, Italy) or Ulrik Vieth (Stuttgart, Germany)… and count, please, this list starts here…

As you can see, BachoTeX 2014 is full of Typography, Typing, Caligraphy, Writing… Full of Technica & Art! So, Welcome to BachoTeX 2014 and remember, be nice for our Irene, Boys:

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